About Us

KARE Tekstil, leader Company into the production of rugs by Jacquard looms Van De Wiele, produces since 1994 a huge range of mats for any space of the home; elements of decoration that combine modern and practical, even keeping class and elegance.

Based in Istanbul, the Company uses all the millenary experience of Turkish people into the handcraft manufacture of Rugs, a quality recognized worldwide but with a touch of modernity given by innovative machineries and specialized design’s Studios, that allows to propose a wide range of designs, colors and sizes that KARE Tekstil adujst and personalizes for his clients all over the world.

The productions, thanks to precious fibers like the organic cotton, the PE and the PES, are realized into its facilities or followed in the whole cycle by its highly qualified staff, from the weaving process, to the dyeing process (yarn-dye or for the higher qualities piece-dye), the anti-slipping backing of some articles, the digital printing (300 dpi) in case of the innovative Cotton Buklè and of the polyester Chenille, concluding with the final packaging with the possibility to work by “Private Label”.

The particular care, used by all the production and commercial staff to be able to satisfy any client’s demand, is synonymous of quality and guarantee.