About Us

What makes a Rugs Company product so special?

We mix the best Italian style and the millennial culture and skills of Turkish people to create classy, modern and still practical rugs for our client’s purposes and private labels.

We did it for over 30 years, on worldwide markets, always driven by the strong will to innovate production techniques and machinery and to succesfully interprete (if not anticipate) style evolution.

We supervise all phases of the creation of new rugs lines: from design trend analysis up to delivery of the packed product to your warehouse or shops.

Strong values, high standards and sustainabilty.

We guarantee the creation of excellent products, according to a chain of high quality standards.

We use regenerated cotton yarns to reduce waste and environmental impact. All our mats are manually finished, water absorbing, stain resistant and solidly yarn-dyed. They can be easily hand or machine washed without loosing any of their qualities.

Our brand success has not happened by chance. It is rooted in strong values and consistent, professional high ethics. That’s why, when choosing Rugs Company, you get a top quality product that fits even the most demanding settings.